Monday, September 04, 2006

What's noisier than a 5 month old with a cold?

A five month old and his mother, both with colds, of course....

Last night was a treat as Kit and Lorna sniffed, gargled and slurped their way towards morning. Poor things, get well soon, but please do it quietly.

The set, and costumes, for Art are pretty much sussed now - we get our pictures taken for the paper tonight, woo. Ticket sales still low - prepare to shuffle up to the front seats everyone. I have put the show onto every local and national website I could, even (who managed to get our listing online after 4 submissions, 5 emails and even then they haven't got our phone numer correct...) to try to attract some "new blood".

My Suzuki GSXR600 test ride was called off on Saturday due to rain, boo hiss. It's the 750 I'm really interested in, but Saltire Suzuki only have a 600 tester - same size, shape and all that just a different engine. So, next weekend, then.


  1. Wow! That's a great photo of you.

  2. Alan

    Stop posting comments in my name.


    P.S. Any comments from myself will have a Saltire next to them.

  3. Mum - Yours5/9/06 07:10

    This is really me, nice pic, hope Lorna and Kit and feeling better - you will miss all the germs because of your fitness regime!!! Did you know that you can buy really good buggies to run with baby? Might as well get Kit into the running asap.

  4. More info on test ride ASAP please!

  5. Ha ha, of course - and I'll mention the Triumph Daytona 675 ride once I've had that, too...

  6. Don't you think that being that interested in bikes a mild form of autism?

  7. No, it's more serious than that. But I am a very good driver. Very good driver. I'm a very good driver.

  8. Mum - not yours10/9/06 16:26

    Sorry, I have done it again, and pushed the wrong button, my entry should have been Mum - NOT yours! You know that but I would hate to upset your mum by laying claim to her hansom, fit, clever and successful lad! sorry

  9. "Two hundred and seventy eight"