Saturday, July 26, 2008

The definition of useless and helpless

When your young son brings you 3 soggy bits of burst balloon and say, "Daddy fix it......."

Friday, July 25, 2008

Worried for the visitors...

I have a little gizmo which tells me when people have been visiting this blog, and how they got here. It's purely for fun, but reveals interesting and disturbing facts about them...

The most popular post by far is this one...

Not much to look at, really, a pun and a picture. But the number of people who think the actor's name is really spelt "Christopher Walkin" means Google send them straight there...

And the worrying part?

This page is extremely popular with people using the search term "strange vagina". Start worrying about the

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Harbour sunset

Harbour sunset
Originally uploaded by Lee Carson
So we made it home safe and sound. The week was a success, we both saw huge leaps with Kit as far as his vocabulary and independence go. Too hot for me, fine for Lorna. Our next trip away is to the slightly more familiar setting of the Highlands.

Lorna writes... "We arrived in Dubrovnik just in time for the opening of the summer festival. Kit was able to listen to the choir and orchestra rehearsing for that night's ceremony..."lovely music"! It turned out that Kit could be the life and soul of the party. He made friends with 8 year-old Mateus and spent most of the night chasing, or being chased, around a tree. He knows how to live it up! The following night, after throwing stones with daddy at Copacabana beach, we went for a drink in the bar and listened to 'Music Man'. He was a typical cheesy hotel bar entertainer with footballer perm and tight white t-shirt and jeans, but he could play and Kit thought that he was a 'clever man'. Kit was too shy to dance (that night) but was in for a bit of hand jiving! Most mornings were spent relaxing around the pool or trying to steal other kids toys, like the inflatable crocodile (Rhys's). One morning we had to take Kit to the toy shop to buy a ball as Kit insisted that Sam's ball was his. The usual story for a 2 year-old! Kit did fall in love....with Jessica, a 16 year-old Albanian. Her brother, Henne (12) was pretty cool too! On Sunday we took a boat trip to the 3 Elaphiti islands....too hot for Lee! Towards the end of the holiday we spent a lot of time in Dubrovnik again when we were able to climb the old city walls. We focussed on the most picturesque East side and Lee had a field day with the views, somehow managing to click away one minute and have Kit on his shoulders the next. We also had some really good photo shoots at the pier with Kit being spun round on his reins! All in all it was a perfect holiday for the wee man!"

'Bout sums it up.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Quick Hi from Dubrovnik

Please forgive anz spelling mistakes, itćs a funnz Croat kezboard and Ićm not going to waste hired internet time searching for kezs....

So, itćs hot. Reallz hot in a waz which makes Lorna happz and me grumpz. We have enjozed ourselves round the pool and Kit now runs and jumps in the water whether we are looking or not. I have saved his life manz, manz times alreadz which he will be reminded of forever.

Dubrovnik is not the most child friendlz place we could have come. That would be BUtlins, but wećre not going there for other reasons. No, our minor issues come from the fact that thez do not recognise a need for kidsć chairs, half portions or childrenćs menus. Apart from that itćs great, though I have sunburn on mz shoulders where mz factor 50 got rubbed off bz too manz of Kitćs swimming pool cuddles...

Itćs nice to plaz spot the Scot, searching for the doughz people amongst the tanned bodies of the real Europeans. Home soon to moan about the rain instead of the heat.

And where is that Z kez anzwaz?