Saturday, March 31, 2007

Kit's surprise big sister...

Well, half sister I suppose. Now how do I explain this away to Lorna?

It seems the CSA (Child Support Agency) have finally caught up with me. I received a letter this morning from them - all correct with my name, address and even National Security number emblazoned on it.

It says...(my asterixes / asterices?)

"Dear Mr Carson,

I'm writing to tell you that the application for child maintenance is no longer in force, for SUMMER LOUISE B***K C***NS" born on **-**-2004.

This application for child maintenance ended on 29-03-2007

If there is any child maintenance still to be paid we'll be in touch.

The reason why the application is no longer in force is as follows:

the other party told us they don't want the application or case to continue."

Well, that's a fecking relief then, isn't it? So, if this is an April Fool letter then it is the most convincing one I have ever seen. And if it's not...? Well, I know what I never done. This would just seem to be another example of our great government stuffing it up at the touch of a button.

I'll keep you posted once I find out more...


  1. I always knew you were a shagger.

  2. As opposed to your mum, Kane, who is a "nagga"...

  3. Mum - not yours16/4/07 19:28

    hey, I am not a nagga.......... except to you a? Sorry Lee, any news on the Child Support front?

  4. sorry Lee the last entry attracked a comment meant for this one. i will learn day

  5. Mum - not Yours23/4/07 17:18

    So what of the 'sister' then? Are you 0k there, or has an earthquake struck!!!

  6. No, all is well and my next post is under construction. The CSA thing is very weird; certainly not true but the question remains about where the mistake has been made - I suspect the CSA has accidentally clicked my name, or something, and the letter I received was the tail end of the story as they sorted it out...

  7. Mum - not yours7/5/07 18:00

    Lee - please do an update

  8. Hi Lee

    Good news!!! Mark is no longer visiting Scotland this summer so you may be able to get some serious study in after all.