Monday, December 17, 2007

A Cold Snap

Ah, Christmas is almost upon us. Where has the year gone? We really knew it was this time of year over the weekend when I took part in the Santa Run, visited the German Market the braved John Lewis for some frenzied shopping action. The Santa Run involved 2500 people dressed as Santa doing two laps to Princes Street gardens in aid of a charity. I was hoping for a race but was disappointed to receive no race number and to be held up by children dressed as reindeer and babies in prams as I barged my way round both laps in search of glory. There was even someone on crutches for goodness sake - what's Christmassy about that? Anyway, it was well worth it for my Lidl bag containing water and a banana at the end, and at least I had support in the form of Little Santa, pictured.
The German Market is where German wanderers tempt us with their rustic traditional wares - salt crystal candle holders and models of motorbikes made out of nuts and bolts. You know, very German stuff. The mulled wine was worth a look though, laced as it was with rum.
The last week of term was as busy as usual, full of parties and plenty of "media studies" - our name for watching a DVD. It was Bugsy Malone for P7 this year, and before showing it we announced to them that we planned to put on the stageshow in June. Because they are such a keen class they began singing along, and claiming the parts they wanted to play - a good sign for us if the enthusiasm continues.
Kit enjoyed his Christmas Party at nursery. He won a Santa face cloth and towel set and didn't cry when the "big" Santa arrived, so that counts as a big success. People keep asking us what he's getting for Christmas but I'm afraid we are being a bit unimaginative and putting some cash into his savings account...boooring, but he still doesn't know what's going on and we reckon his other relatives will cough up enough sparkly wrapped goods to keep him happy.
In January Lorna changes to part-time hours at last. I say at last because it's something she's wanted for a while - more time with Christopher - and now she is able to plan all sorts for events and activities. Another benefit is that I have many Friday half days during the second part of the school year so we'll plan little trips swimming, climbing or such like.
Some bad news on the 24 hour cycle front... having neared the end of our training and bought most of the extras we'd need, including ludicrously expensive lights sent for the USA, we are having to pull out! Unfortunately Mike had a wee accident - he fell off his bike (!) and has craked bones in his arm and shoulder. It was his racer, not even the mountain bike, and he was caught out by a greasy patch on the road. Nobody is more fed-up about this than Mike. I have mixed feelings. Part of me is disappointed having prepared for it for so long. But part of me is quietly delighted not to have to do it! There were suggestions from people that I find a replacement partner, but that's not really in the spirit of teamwork. I felt it should be Mike and I or not at all. Besides, it was his camper van we were going to be using...

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  1. Hi Lee and Lorna

    Hope you all had a good Xmas. Thanks for the card. All fine here in Japan and Clara was spoilt rotten as usual.

    Kane, Yuki, and Clara