Sunday, July 13, 2008

Quick Hi from Dubrovnik

Please forgive anz spelling mistakes, itćs a funnz Croat kezboard and Ićm not going to waste hired internet time searching for kezs....

So, itćs hot. Reallz hot in a waz which makes Lorna happz and me grumpz. We have enjozed ourselves round the pool and Kit now runs and jumps in the water whether we are looking or not. I have saved his life manz, manz times alreadz which he will be reminded of forever.

Dubrovnik is not the most child friendlz place we could have come. That would be BUtlins, but wećre not going there for other reasons. No, our minor issues come from the fact that thez do not recognise a need for kidsć chairs, half portions or childrenćs menus. Apart from that itćs great, though I have sunburn on mz shoulders where mz factor 50 got rubbed off bz too manz of Kitćs swimming pool cuddles...

Itćs nice to plaz spot the Scot, searching for the doughz people amongst the tanned bodies of the real Europeans. Home soon to moan about the rain instead of the heat.

And where is that Z kez anzwaz?

1 comment:

  1. Gooz tz herz froz youz. hopz kiz goowz into hiz clothez.

    Thankz forz putting me upz last weekz.