Sunday, February 05, 2006

Blog the First

Well if it's good enough for Kane in Japan, it's good enough for those left behind in Edinburgh. Welcome to the pages where you'll be able to find out more about my growing family, and keep up with baby and biker talk.
Here are our first batch of pictures then, from a weekend of jobs.

The baby car seat is our first serious baby purchase, and was riding high on our list of priorities - something to bring it home in. The colour is Hot Orange, in case you were wondering.

The shelves are All My Own Work, and will still be standing when the house has fallen down.

The hall in now half painted, thanks to Gillian, and will get finished by next weekend.


  1. Big Daddy5/2/06 17:04

    I have to say that the shelves and the hall painting all look JUST as professional as the super car seat !! Great - look forward to keeping up to date ? Is there a badge ??

  2. Mark - HK20/2/06 08:00

    Good effort mate!
    Looking forward to a whole section on your blog detailing the toys you have bought for the new sprog...hehe...reminds me of Andy Sime buying his 8 month daughter a Playstation and train set...class
    Keep up the good work...

  3. Anonymous30/3/06 15:58

    Have I missed the page with names, what daddy looked like as a baby, mummy too - the important things to know at this stage.
    How is Lorna feeling?
    big mama asked