Sunday, February 26, 2006

Bikers - check your brakes!

Biking in Scotland has many pleasures, but not many of them are to experienced during winter. As the council shovel mound after mound of salt onto the roads to keep them frost free bikes become caked in death-muck, eroding and corroding all your most sensitive extremities. Ouch.

So this week when I found it was taking a mightier tug on the brakes to slow the bike I knew it was brake cleaning time. Right enough, both front calipers were seized as the pads had been corroded into 30 minutes spent lovingly with WD40, a brass brush and some copper grease turns a solid lump of no-confidence into the mean stoppers they should be.


  1. A fascinating insight into the workings of caliper brakes!!! What will it be next week? Fuel tank maintenance? The workings of the inertia reel seatbelts in your new Mazda 6? I can hardly wait.....
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Yes, your blog is like cross between Ride and Haynes...hehe. A "Fast Bikes" approach would be interesting though.....

  3. Anonymous1/3/06 16:05

    Not to worry Lee, I like it!!! Mum (but not yours)!

  4. Anonymous1/3/06 20:34

    What happened to your clone? Did he start getting in the way and wanting to share your bed?