Thursday, April 13, 2006

It's a boy!

Christopher Peter Carson
18:04 13/04/06
6lbs 10oz


  1. Anonymous13/4/06 22:18

    He is the DOUBLE of his Dad - I know - I was there !!!
    Well done Lorna - wonderful !!
    Signed.... Lee's Dad !!!

  2. He is georgeous. Looks like his dad but has that knowing look of his Mum. Pass on all our love

  3. Well done from all the TA team!

  4. Fastastic news!!!! Enjoy the complete lack of free time, money, and the gradual disintegration of your social network.

  5. New granny14/4/06 08:00

    Welcome to the world young man!Congratulations and all our love.

  6. Congratulations! Well done Lorna for all your hard work and well done Lee for keeping the blog up to date.

  7. I'd just like to take issue with mr davidson's comments about "disintegration of your social network" - I think you'll find that being a parent helps build a social network that will be a lot more productive than 'going down the pub with the lads from the bike club'

  8. Anonymous16/4/06 17:20

    Yes congratulations, he looks wonderful, well done both of you. Hope to see him before he is one year old?? With regard to your social network, I think it is fair to say it changes!!!! Mum (but not yours)x

  9. Congratulations Lorna and Lee! I have to agree that Christopher is a beautiful baby , and no need for the hat at all (Lorna you will know what I'm talking about - "Oh what a gorgeous wee hat he's wearing"!!).

    Enjoy every minute, and I look forward to seeing the wee soul myself in May.

    Lots of love,

  10. Congratulations to all. Glad all went well and that you coped withbit all Lee. Great news to start the term. Hope you have enrolled Christopher in nursery - you know how sought after the places are!!!!
    Won't see you for a while as I've been signed off until my hip operation.
    Look after the new family Lee. Glad all went well, Lorna.
    Love to you all

  11. Anonymous23/4/06 08:04

    Hi Lorna, Lee, and Christopher !! a bonnie wee man indead, and don't Mum and Dad look great after all that sweatin and puffin... 1st look here with Jamie and Dale .. we all agree stark look of his Dad, and great character in a baby face!! will be a good story teller in the pub when he grows up.
    P'Feet down under xxxx