Monday, April 10, 2006

A visit to the hospital...

...But nothing exciting!

Lorna has been feeling dizzy for the last couple of days, even just lying down and turning her head. Being ever cautious she phoned the community midwives and got an appointment at the new Royal. The "lovely" doctor Peter (Lorna's words, not mine....) decided she most likely had labyrinthitis left over from the cold she had last week.

Thrown into the bargain they took some blood and strapped her to the ECG machine for 10 minutes, allowing us to hear baby's heart pounding away and even its movements as it wriggled around.

The midwife also had a feel to see which way baby was pointing...but couldn't tell. Neither could the other midwife so we were sent for a quick scan. This was a bit concerning as if baby was in the breech position it might have meant a cesarean delivery, soon, no arguments. Fortunately baby was not only head down, but is also "quite far down"...that's why the midwives couldn't feel things!

The real story of the visit was the woman who came into triage just after us and was making all sorts of noises....squawks, squeals, howls, you name it. Even the midwife was saying "For goodness sake, why don't they just take her up to the labour ward?!" Apparently the rules are to send mothers to triage for assessment first, and those nurses were going to stick to the rules. At least now we know which car park to use, and which door to go in when it's our turn (12 days, 19 hours)

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