Sunday, May 21, 2006

Life going on

Weeks cycled - 2
Daily distance average - 20 miles
Total miles - 200+
Petrol Money saved - £40
Purchases (not including bike, helmet and lock) - shoes, shorts, gloves, panniers, rack - £216
Injuries sustained - scratches to right leg from front cog, bit of a sore knee after week 1
Number of times shouted at - 2 (one driver, one chav teen girl)
Weight lost - 3lbs
Number of times fallen off - 0
Flies swallowed - 2
Something else swallowed, hopefully another fly - 1
Number of times overtaken by old guy in wellies - 2
Number of times asked "Did you cycle?" while wearing helmet, gloves, shorts and carrying panniers - 4

Kit is growing and growing - we have had to move ontho his next set of clothes as the very wee newborn stuff is too small now! He also took his first bottle yesterday - given by proud but wary dad - more of a practice than for any real reason, but he enjoyed it and fed well. We are keen to get him used to a bottle earlier rather than face a battle once he is older; good advice gleaned from many others we have heard stories from!

Lorna has bought him the "Over Stimulation Chair" from Mothercare - it lights up, plays tunes, vibrates and has dangly mirrors and rattles to hit as he flaps his arms around desperately trying to escape the noise and flashing. Our other exciting purchase is a couple of "grobags", sort of half-pyjama half-sleeping bag, designed so he can't kick it off or get smothered by it. It's just another of those things we didn't know existed but suddenly was worth paying money for.

We feel like we've had plenty visitors of late - the Cambridge crowd were over last weekend then again on Thursday and today Dad and Donna called in for lunch with Gill showing up too. Kit performed well doing his ful range of awake happy, awake grumpy and asleep.

I'll need to restart the running training from tomorrow. I have signed up for another two races this year; Loch Lomond 10K at the beginning of September and Falkirk at the end of August. Puff pant.


  1. Aye, puff pant. Did you know that Patagonia produces garments called Puff Pants? Might get you some. I may also buy you a maroon chopper to go to work on.

  2. Puff Pants you say? Perhaps I could get you a pair too, excpet I could get a nice design put on them by this company?
    I think then I would most certainly be one up.
    And don't you mean "give you a ride on a big purple chopper", or were you just not really concentrating?

  3. Anonymous22/5/06 20:02

    Wow Lee, you are getting soooooooo fit - get over to Japan and do some cycling with Kane!!! When will you get Kit his first bike?? Mum (not yours)

  4. Hi other mum,
    Kane is my fitness idol, though I wonder how he does it all without eating any food...

  5. Thanks Lee - I didn't know I was your role model. The secret is to drink as much beer as possible and then burn it off with exercise.

    Did the bloke get that job with the BBC in the end?

  6. I was called an 'a-hole' yesterday when I was cycling down a hill. Do you have any other expletives to add to the collection?

  7. Grandpa C23/5/06 15:47

    I have to say that I think it will help your street cred - AND motorway cred - when you pass your Cycling Proficiency Certificate and get rid of those stabilisers !!!!!