Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Route with a view

For a commute through the capital of Scotland, I do seem to have landed lucky with the scenery I pass. It is a section of National Cycle Network Route 1 and as such is well signposted, thoughtfully sited but poorly surfaced. Mind you, every road in Edinburgh is poorly surfaced so why should cycle routes be any different?

This is the beginning of the route, starting at Roseburn and taking me over Corstorphine Road. It is busy in the mornings with dog walkers, cyclists and runners; there is evidence that horse riders use this path too...

If anyone wants this picture for a lesson on perspective and vanishing points, help yourself.

Like I say, well signposted.

There are three of these signs letting drivers know there is a dead-end further up this road...

...yet tell tale tyre marks on the road show somebody just didn't understand what that meant.

This is the actual Cramond Brig, the dividing line between the counties of Edinburgh and Linlithgow. The newer bridge for modern traffic is higher up, though you can't see anything of the old bridge from the road - mainly because it is a well known speed camera site and you daren't take your eyes off your speedo.

This stone tells of repairs to the bridge; I'm sure the workers of 1776 wished the cowboys of 1761 had just done it properly...


...driving to work can seriously....

...make you late and frustrated. Who'd have thought, it turns out my bike is powered by 'holier-than-thouness' and even when it rains I am kept dry by the higher moral ground.

And finally, a little stretch I call 'The Death Star Trench' - cycle down it as fast as you can but touch your handlebars on either wall and you're mince.

Resurfacing? Mmm, not much call for it, sir.


  1. Grandpa C25/5/06 17:00

    Enjoyed the latest episode of "Around Britain" !! So tell the truth - stopping to take all these (great)- late were you for school ???
    When can we expect the virtual reality version ??
    Actually looks a really great route to work - but don't shout too loud or all the drivers will leave their cars at home - take to bicycles - and the roads will end up empty !! LOL

  2. Have your students started calling you Mr 'Sweaty' Carson yet?

  3. No - they never use the word "Mr".