Sunday, June 10, 2007

Comrie barbecue

Still got it!
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We are just back from a great weekend in Comrie visiting Neil, Janice, Cameron and seemingly the entire crew from Cumbernauld fire service!
Actually it was just Red Watch and Blue Watch, but despite the chromatic crossover there was only gentle ribbing and fun-poking between the two "sides". Unlike the 62 year old lady neighbour who got so drunk she had to get chucked out by Neil and me!
Kit was grumpy due to the heat and being too tired to party, until 7pm when he got his second wind just before bath time. It was a new experience to have to queue for his bath along with the gathered company waiting to use the loo!


  1. Mum - not Yours11/6/07 07:52

    You are never too old or too young to party! Mind you it wont be long before Kit leaves the old folk at home!

  2. mum - yours11/6/07 12:15


  3. Yes, we are groovy. The music at the Comrie bbqs follows a fairy set pattern - random tunes (this weekend The Blues Brothers and U2, mainly) before moving on to some 80s classics, through Neils punk collection, some Meatloaf, Rolling Stones and on towards AC/DC for Janice.

    Um, so, perhaps not that groovy after all...

  4. mum - yours11/6/07 12:30

    Well, you were adopted after all...

  5. Mum - not yours14/6/07 14:43

    Not sure about all these mums................