Friday, February 08, 2008

A visit from Grandad

Kit and Grandad
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Lorna managed to lure her dad up to the house today with the promise of a ham sandwich...and the realisation that we hadn't actually seen him yet this year! So he caught the bus up to us and spent the afternoon playing with Kit.

He and Jess have taken a big step recently, getting passports and booking their first ever foreign holiday...and then booking their second too. They will go by coach, by way of the Superfast ferry, first to Switzerland in June and then a tour of the Rhine in October for their 20th anniversary. Really it should be China for a 20th, but one step at a time, I guess.

I am on holiday for a week now and head for Budapest on Thursday to visit Calum, conveniently the same time as Jon and Mark will be there. I'm only away for two nights but one of those is Valentine's Day. Oops, not good timing...


  1. that picture looks like a still from a ken loach film. do not bring your camera to budapest as I believe Calum may have organised a sparty

  2. Budapest??
    Isn't that half way to Munich already???
    Have fun and come by on your way home...