Wednesday, March 01, 2006

First ante-natal class...

You know that feeling you get when you walk into a room and know immediately that there are many other places you'd rather be? And that feeling where you suffer from embarrassment in anticipation of the actual embarrassment you are going to suffer from later?

Today Lorna and I attended our first ante-natal class and were faced with a circle of 20 chairs surrounding a table with flipchart pages and marker pens. Uh-oh. Maybe it's because of my job, but I dread "getting to know you" activities, except for one called "Going to the Pub".

Right enough, introductions were called for round the circle followed by the job of splitting into male and female groups and filling in our Hopes and Fears on the flipcharts. I "hope" I'm not going to have to take part in any more stuff like this, I "fear" I am. The guy group filled in what we thought the women expected us to, the only strong agreement coming when we "hoped" their "boobs would remain substantial".

Having fed-back and made all the appropriate noises we then watched a video about Simpson's, the maternity unit where we will go on B-Day. Interestingly the actual birth was only mentioned once while parking regulations made it into 3 different chapters.

Anyway I can't wait for next week when we are playing Fruit Salad, discussing "My Best Holiday" and discussing what to do if you are being bullied in the playground.

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