Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bike beside the poppies

Bike beside the poppies
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So Lorna and KIt are off for a few days to see the family in Cambridge and I am left to wander the house with no bedtime routine to keep me in check. They caught the train down and Kit was "ecstatic" when picking up his cousins from school.

Speaking of which, school continues to be a dominating theme in our lives. The flat is not selling and even though we are talking about August 2011, Lorna is keen to get things sorted out well in advance. The "moving to a good catchment" option would be our preferred one, but increasingly the "take him to Queensferry with me" is Lorna's angle on the issue...

It's a week tomorrow until we break up for the holiday - yay - and the next few days in school are busy with clearing out one classroom to move to another. After a fun, challenging and successful (?) year with P3 I am off upstairs to the P7s again for 2010/2011. I know the grass is al;ways greener but I am looking forward to much of what upper school teaching brings.

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