Monday, June 28, 2010


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We were hosts to two visitors yesterday, Doris and Katie who had come all the way from California to Edinburgh as part of a wider European trip. Doris is Lorna's gran's cousin, and Katie is Doris's granddaughter. So that's that.

Katie had heard of Rosslyn Chapel in that book by what's his name, and although she hadn't read it it yet she'd seen the film and knew she wanted to visit the place itself. So we picked them up and after a lunch at the Flotterstone Inn we hit the chapel.

Doris has difficulty hearing and conversation was tricky over the noise of the car but luckily Katie had no trouble compensating by talking for two.

Rosslyn Chapel itself is a bit of a bombsite just now. The have had a huge metal roof over it for a while now to ket it dry out and are currently dismantling it. There are temporary portakabin toilets and piles of grey bricks beside the wire fences and heavy plant. Inside is as beautiful as ever, though they now operate a no photo policy (nothing to do with the postcards for sale in the tat shop). We caught a tour but for some reason Kit was reluctant to listen so he and I were happy to wait down in the vault, then outside in the running around area.

Doris deserves some respect - at 84 she is chumming Katie round Europe, talking about her next holiday to New Zealand and how she will take Katie's sister on a similar trip in three years when she is 16...

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