Thursday, June 24, 2010

Shoe 3

Shoe 3
Originally uploaded by Lee Carson
So, here's an odd one. How many shoes would you expect to find within, say, a mile? I think finding one once would be something you'd remember but the cycle path from Cramond Brig to Dalmeny seems to have more that its fair share - four at the moment, to be exact.

Now I am not into shoes, or feet, as anyone who knows me will tell you. In summer my delight at the plunging necklines of basking ladies is wholly spoiled by the accompanying unveiling of crusty toes with the obligatory badly painted nails. Boke.

But I couldn't help noticing these discarded shoes along the path - and from the way they sit they don't appear to have been thrown from a car. Shoe 4 in particular has been placed lovingly on a wall. Shoe 1 still has its price ticket on (£5 in the sale FYI).  Shoe 2 is the only right one and only Shoe 3 has signs of ever having been worn.

Three are left, one is right.

Kleptomaniac podophiliac? (Boy is THAT going to get some fun visitors to the blog...) Monopod litterbug? Crimewatch episode waiting to happen?

Or what?


  1. Anonymous24/6/10 20:40

    we had a pupil whose parents only ever stole her the right shoe from shops. She always walked with a limp as her feet were being crippled permanently.

  2. So, what...she had to wear two right shoes?