Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Jury Service flop

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It all came to nothing, that's what.

Having left the family in Carrbridge at 7am I scooted down the A9 (always a pleasure) and arrived in time to stop off at the house to get changed and at least get out of my muddy leathers. I had managed to catch up with the Badenoch and Strathspey muck-spreading society on their way home from a successful spray session, and was delighted to receive some of their bounty on my leathers, bike and, very safety conscious, helmet visor.

So, cleaned up I parked in Chambers Street and reported to the court. I did a hilarious Charlie-Chaplinesque about turn in the revolving door when on seeing the security guards and metal detectors I remembered the leatherman still in my tankbag from having been camping earlier in the week. Dur-hur.

Once safely inside and removed of my bag (I'd forgotten that worse than a knife, I had my camera...) I hung about for a bit then nearly 50 of us were ushered into the court, registered, then we sat REALLY quietly, terrified that any sniff or grunt might get us banged up.

There was a starter course - a poor soul who hadn't done her community service and was talked at by the sheriff for a bit before being sent away "with a flea in her ear", which is not a legal term.

Finally the main course arrived, basically some weirdo to had said some stuff to some girls even though he'd been warned about this kind of nonsense. Juror names were pulled out of the glass bowl and mine wasn't. But that wasn't the end - we were told we could leave but to phone after 5pm to find out about the next day. Oh, that's convenient.

After 5 on Monday I phoned and was phone again on Tuesday after 5pm. That left me kind of stuck in Edinburgh with the family still up North which was a pain. On Tuesday I duly phoned to be told...that's all folks! Thanks for your help, your jury service is finished.


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