Saturday, July 03, 2010

Enquiring of the Piper

Enquiring of the Piper
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My course at Telford College recently came to a close and left me slightly disappointed and needing something else. Our tutor was a nice guy but slightly disorganised and seemed to have not updated the course, or its files, since last time the course ran. I feel we spent waaaay too much time on Photoshop changing, for example, the colour of lamp posts instead of learning about actual photography. I know not everyone is going to be happy all the time but the title "Introduction to Digital Photography" was vague and had little accompanying detail to help make a decision. Hence me getting a bit bored, yet someone else who by week 4 still didn't know how to turn the flash off on her camera. It was hard to say who the course was pitched at really but the "digital" side should have been more clearly emphasised over the "photography" side.

So now I am going to try un-digital photography at Stevenson College - they have a beginners course using black and white film techniques and darkroom processing. Maybe that's what I'm looking for, and in the meantime I'll keep happily snapping away to myself.

Speaking of which, I am really enjoying taking my camera round the streets of Edinburgh where the whole summer / tourist / festival thing is really kicking off. I enjoy taking pictures of people going about their business but of course there are rules. Try sticking a camera suddenly in someone's face and they tend not to like it, and I don't quite have the guts of this guy.
I am learning, though, to sit still and let the people come to me. In a strange reversal, while a moving photographer suddenly photographing a stationary person can be seen as invasive, a moving person walking into a photographer's shot generally apologises for being there...

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