Monday, March 06, 2006

As exciting as watching wallpaper dry...

It's done; the spare room is now neutral yellow, thank goodness. I could go on about how I was suffering from a dreadful cold all weekend, and how the job was only completed due to my bravery and iron will...but I won't.

A trip to Ikea proved pointless, but then what were we thinking going on a Sunday afternoon anyway? Shoogley changing tables and a lack of measurements left us failing in the wardrobe department. And people kept bumping into us, desperate fill their trolleys with stuff they don't need and would never normally buy, infected by the "it's so cheap we'd be daft not to" mentality. Stalking through the crappy sofas with murderous intent is not a good way to relax. All we got for our trouble was a blackout blind and two packets of Scandanavian sweets.

So, 47 days to go. I'm off to camp with P5 at the end of this week, then it's the Scottish Motorcycle Show this weekend. After that we will move to yellow alert and Lorna, the car and I will maintain closer contact at all times.


  1. "Stalking through the crappy sofas with murderous intent is not a good way to relax."

    How dare you!!! My mother and father got their sofa from Ikea! If you want to relax, you should listen to pan pipe music or become a Trappist Monk.

  2. I might add that they have had few causes for complaint regarding their sofa and it is generally comfy. The only minor criticism is that on the one occasion when one of the cushions split apart, soiled and used bandages fell out. We have since learnt that the sofa was constructed by a Lepers colony cooperative, just outside Lahore.

  3. My legal team have asked me to point out that Ikea also sell a variety of non-crappy sofas, hardly any of which contain bandages or indeed any medical waste. Those of you seeking soiled bandages are advised to investigate DFS instead.

  4. Anonymous9/3/06 14:58

    Yeh, our sofas great, would love you and Lorna, plus one (little one) to come and try it out sometime x (Mum of the others)

  5. Anonymous4/4/06 09:43

    Enjoy these few weeks of peace..catch up on enough sleep to see you through to primary one...we kid you not!! Still you may be lucky. What a time of wonder lies ahead....but the greatest wonder of all is that they never really leave home....just like homing pigeons.
    Marion and John