Monday, March 20, 2006

T -33 and counting

Sometimes I decide an update is due, and sometimes my adoring fan club decide for me - hello Inverness mum!

33 days to go. The house transformation is almost complete; a nasty case of furniture food poisoning has caused us to spew money, and all that is left are the dry heaves of our overdrafts. We now own more wardrobes than most and the cot-bed is due to be delivered on Saturday. And the mattress. And the changing 'tray' that fits on the cot-bed. I must give credit and eternal thanks to Gillian for her gift of an electric screwdriver...

Lorna is getting big, tired, heavy and grumpy. No, not grumpy, just more tired. She is still at work and will be until 31st - quite late really, but she has a light class commitment. Her concern is that some of her bosses haven't really taken in the fact she's actually leaving, soon! She is met with renewed surprise and head scratching when she reminds some of them and points at her bump...

Lorna went to last week's ante-natal class without me and typically it was a good one! She got chatting to one of the other women there who was due 17th of April...and had her baby the next day

Any non baby related stuff? I got a new helmet the other day, a nice Arai RX7, and only once I got it home did I spot the crack in the plastic vent. "Oh fiddle-de-dee", I said. I'll take it back in to get it fixed but still, grrr, why should I have to.


  1. Nice lid mate. ARAI - reassuringly expensive.

  2. Anonymous25/3/06 18:43

    Thank God . . there is life out there, Mum (not yours)!