Thursday, March 30, 2006


Nearly the holidays, thank goodness. Tomorrow is Lorna's last day at work and there will be a gathering to bid her farewell at one of Edinburgh's now smoke-free pubs. Perfect timing for pregnant ladies who want to buy their husband some beer! Mind you it appears she has managed to catch a cold and spent most of today in maybe her timing isn't so great after all.

The TENS machine arrived today. It looks a bit fiddly, especially considering everything else that will be going on at the same time but Lorna remains convinced she'll use it, at least in the early stages.

We got a call from Ulrike in Germany this evening - it's nice to think about the international community who are thinking about us and waiting for news...

Last night was our final summary meeting with the ante-natal class. It covered issues surrounding the first six weeks and was fairly interesting. They advised us against receiving too many visitors in the early days though - I'm all of our wonderful Edinburgh friends will wait for us to contact them with a formal invitation however.

Anyway I need to cut this short tonight as Lorna is going to guide me through her maternity bag collection. If she asks for something I will have seconds to respond so I'd better learn where things are. In my bag is just a blindfold.

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  1. oh lordy....a tens machine.

    I guess that means that you can attach it to the Honda and run sub 10 sec quarters?